Best Nepali Folk Songs and Singers- Old Nepali Songs

Old folk music has the Great contribution in Nepali music. The theme of love, separation, struggle, joy, sadness everything is perfectly crafted in these classic folk songs.


1 He Barai

Writer: Jhalak Man Gandharva

Singer: Jhalak Man Gandharva

Description: A folk song sang by traveler singer also called Gandharva in Nepal. With their native instrument Sarangi, They used to travel from place to place singing song and collecting money or food. This culture is still prevalent in few districts of Nepal.

The song mainly describes the Nepali son who is about die in the battlefield so he is sending the message via his friend to the family. A very heart touching lyrics explain about the family response in his death.




2 Ukali Orali Haruma

Writer: Chadani Shah

Singer: Tara Devi

Description: This song generally reminds about own feelings/experience with nature in the mixed feeling of love. The song goes on describing the nature component, condition, features the hills the terai about the water, waterfalls, lakes, Himalayan etc. This song comes in the top list of Nepali folk song.

Tara Devi is a lady singer with highest song recording at Radio Nepal, She is one of the greatest singer of all time in Nepal, A inspirational singer to all Nepali artist and singer.




3 Sabai behosi nasha piyera

Artist: Bhakta Raj Acharya

Description: This explains about own feelings towards the love and aloneness. The unsuccessful man and his feelings towards life and situation. The song is self-perspective expressing own sorrows and pain.


4 Hamri Aama Sarai ni Bathi chhin

Artist: Hari Bansha Acharya

Description: A song by Hari Bansha Acharya, The song is very enjoyable with mix comedy. The song describes the emotion of a grandson whose father generation use the grandfather property and makes the grandson poor. Grandfather generation was rich and had accumulated more property but his father sells them all. The song is very comedy and funny to watch and listen.

Hari Bansha Acharya is a great all-rounder versatile artist in Nepali History. He had amazed all Nepali with his versatile acting and talent. He is a singer, actor, writer, director, dramatist…




5  Katar katar ma..

Artist: Ram Thapa/ Tara Thapa

Description: This song is very funny and comedy to listen, It comes in lok dohori category of Nepali song history. A dohori between Mother in law and son in law about marriage proposal for daughter. Nepali folk songs are always mesmerizing.



6 Chhori vanda Aama taruni

Artist: Kumar Basnet

Description: Another song with the complete enjoyable rush of feelings. This song explains the mother behavior towards the modern world makeup and beautifying.



7 Resham Firiri

Artist: Ganesh Acharya

Description: This song is very famous in Nepal, Almost everyone knows it and sing this song when they have to. This is the very beautiful song with nice lyrical compositions. Songs mainly focus on the Nepal environment in the mix up with love story sense. The song goes with two verse first one explaining about nature and second about love.



8 Wari Jamuna

Artist: Khem Raj Gurung

Description: This song explains particularly about the place and some past activities. This song is included in Nepali movie “Mann” and comes in the favorite list of most of Nepali.



9 Paschim koi purba ghar

Artist: Gopal Yonjan

Description: This song gives a patriotic feeling to every Nepali listener. This song explains Nepal’s biography. The songs contain beautiful music and lyrics and keep on reminding the thing around us, nature, flora and fauna.



10  Kun Mandir ma Janxau yatri

Artist: Rabin Sharma / Laxmi Prasad Devkota

Description: This song is very complex to explain and difficult to understand. In surface, the song focusses about a life traveling towards destination called death. Also tries to explain the relationship between God and his activities.



11 Jhukdai Najhukne Nepal Ko Chhoro

Artist: Gopal Yonjon

Description: This is a motivational song to every Nepali youth which explains the bravery of Nepali to withstand all the natural problem and obstacles. It goes on illustrating the hurdles we face the struggles in some poor places of Nepal. It also contains about self-respect of Nepali.



12  Laligurans Ajambari

Artist: Kunti Moktan

Description: Very beautiful song by Kunti Moktan, A legendary singer of Nepal. This song explains the own feelings when one finds herself beautiful. This song is filled with feelings and emotions of girl comparing with nature.



13 Bachunjel

Artist: Ram Krishna Dhakal

Youtube Link:

Description: This song is contributed by vocal of R.K Dhakal with Lata Mangeshkar, Famous singer of India. Song is mainly illustrated by love life and hopes to go well lifetime.



14  Asharai Mahinama

Artist: Chujan Dukpa

Description: This song explains the conditions of the environment in Ashhar Mahina (June-15 to July 15). It mixes up feelings with one remembrance to his family. One guesses his family members and situation and expresses his feelings.


15  Siri ma siri batas chalyo

Artist: Narayan Gopal, Gyanu Rana

Description: A romantic song..


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