Famous Nepali TV-Serials- Old to New Best TV Serials

Tele-films are super entertaining and rapidly growing entertainment industry. Here is the list of famous Nepali tv serials, Nepali teleserials which gained lots of popularity in the country.

1 Meri Bassai

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This is the famous comedy TV serial of Nepal, Once it was all Nepal hits. Since during its evolution, Many directors had been changed but still, it is ongoing Nepali Telefilms.

This Tele serial is now ongoing on 562 episodes at 7 August 2018.


  • Daman Rupakheti
  • Sitaram Kattel (Dhurmush)
  • Kedar Ghimire(Magne Buda)
  • Raju Poudel (Raju Master)[current]
  • Marichmachan Shrestha (Balchhi Dhurbe) [current]

TV Channel: Nepal Television(NTV)

2 Ulto Sulto

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Famous actor Rabi Dangol is now back on screen from in direction of Ulto Sulto. A comedy TV serial just started now running on 24 episodes by 8 August 2018

Director: Rabi Dangol

TV Channel: Image TelevisionKahile hola
Dinesh DC
TV Channel: Nepal Television

3 Tito Satya

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This is no 1 hit Tele serial of Nepal, It was all Nepal hit teleserial. Currently, this serial is not produced and stopped after 2015. The teleserial is composed of comedy illustrating real-life incidents of Nepal, with a humor of Politics of Nepal.

Episodes: 602

          Director: Deepak Raj Giri

          Producers: NTV and Media Hub

          TV Channel: Nepal Television

4 Haka Haki

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Daman Rupakheti is now back again with comedy Tele serial Hakka Hakki.
Director: Daman Rupakheti
Producer: Highlights Nepal and et. Al
TV Channel: Nepal Television

5 Bhadragol

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The current market is now covered by Bhadrgol another comedy Nepali teleseriall.
Director: Arjun Ghimire / Kumar Kattel

Episodes: 173 @ (8th June 2018)
Production: Media Hub
TV Channel: AP1 HD

6 Twakka Tukka

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Another screen from Dinesh DC

Directors: Dinesh DC
Production: Highlights Nepal et. al
TV Channel: NTV

7 Risaani Maaf

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Director: Prakash Subedi

TV Channel: Kantipur

8 Dittha Saab

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Director: Kishor Bhandari

TV Channel: Kantipur

9 Jire Khursaani

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Director: Jitu Nepal

Production: Media Hub et al

TV Channel: NTV


10 Harke Habaldaar

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Bishnu Sapkota
 Indra Dong Lama

TV Channel: Kantipu


11 Dobate

Image result for Dobate tv serialDirector: Harendra Khatri
Episodes: 180 (10 aug 2018)
TV Channel: Himsikhar Televisio

12 Brake Fail

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Director: Siva Hari poudel

                  Kiran K.C
Production: Media Hub
Episodes: 81 (May 2018)
TV Channel: Nepal Television


13 Michal Jackson

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Director: Surendra kc

Shiva Sharma
Production: Siddhika Shrestha Pvt. Ltd. et. al.
Episodes:80 (10 aug 2018)
TV Channel:DH Ramilo Tv (Dish Home Channel 104)

14 Honourable Mention

  • Aama 2: By Maha Jodi
  • Dalan
  • Parichaya: By Sarita Lamichhane
  • Jiwan Chakra
  • Kapoor ko rukh (Nepali dubbed Chinese serial)
  • Thorai vae pugi sari
  • Yatana
  • Karuna by Mahendra Budathoki
  • Devi
  • Hetterika b Mohan Mishra


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