How to control your anger- Few Tips and Tricks for healthy living

Everybody in the world possesses many kinds of feelings and emotions. The emotions and feelings arise inside person unknowingly even the person is not aware of his own emotions. 
Someone just irritates a man then he suddenly shouts at the person but he is not aware that he is shouting at the man. Emotions are unstable they appear for a few moments in the human mind and body then disappears and another one appears this continues through the human life and rarely peoples are aware of such emotions and feelings.
Rarely person can remain on same state/emotions through a long time, you cannot be happy all the day nor sad nor angry. The emotions last for few seconds then another one appears like a flood in the human body.
These actions can take you to different directions to the unsatisfaction of life, frustrations, incompleteness, The hungriness or scarcity leads to the next level of development or findings but this continues so the satisfaction rarely appears in life.
People are running to get better bed pillows for better sleep but there running leads them sleepless nights.
Neil Arm Strong landed on the moon the first thought in his mind was How beautiful the earth is…
Generally, peoples are suffering from such emotions and feelings so you need to be aware of such a rise and fall of emotions.
Anger is one of the dominant emotions in human beings some unexpected or unlikely happens person gets angry. You may not know you are angry because emotions are dominant over you but when it’s gone you will be aware you were angry


The best solution you will find on the internet and others suggestion is to watch when you became angry that means you need to be aware of your emotions but that seems impossible and difficult.
You cannot control your anger it needs time to control but you can minimize it and its effects.

A) Note Down

When you are angry you are unaware but when it’s gone you will be aware then note down you are angry. Every day if you do this then your count will increase a few days and then decreases as your awareness increases.
B) Nailing the Pin
Take a pin and go the wall or board and nail it, when you remember you were angry

C) Smiling

Keep mirror in your working table bedroom, such places where you spent your time a lot and have the high chance of getting angry. Watch your face when you are angry then the smile will arise on your face as your angriness downs.

D) Convince Yourself

Try chanting you are not angry, frequently this will direct your focus on your body and when you get angry you will realize a burden in your body.
          These methods actually work effectively but need a time for its establishment, within a week you will find the change in your habits and emotions.
When these methods begin its effect then you will get aware of the rising and falling of emotions it feels like a blanket over your body. I had tried these methods and it had changed me a lot. I know when I became angry then it disappears.
“If you remain angry for 24 hrs then you will be enlightened” OSHO

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