“Tripper Atanka”- 5 Recent Worst Tipper Accidents in Nepal.

 Warning: This article contains violent road accident images. Viewer guidance is required. See at your own risk. Age restriction is labelled.

“Tripper Atanka”- tipper crushing the small vehicles, specially 2 wheelers leaving death casualties is increasing day by-day. No effective measures or strict rules to the tipper vehicles is implemented or made yet by the government side. These recent accidents terrify the two wheelers and pedestrian moreover the whole country. Stay and drive safe  


  1. Jadibuti Tipper-scooter incident

Tipper coming from bhaktapur valley crashed the scooter near the Jadibuti pool in june 13. Accident resulted in the sudden death of the scooter driving girl. Displeased people round there set the Tipper in fire. Police arrested the Tipper driver and 2 others who set the vehicle in fire.

  1. Suryabinayak Tipper-Scooter incident

Tipper speeding up from Kavre Banged the scooter in suryabinayak resulted in on spot death of three people, 50 years old driver Mr. Hari Bahadur Katuwal, 36 years old Sabita Ghimire and her 13 years old son Arbin Ghimire. The accident took place in the noon of 23 may.

  1. Jhapa Tipper-Scooter incident

Family riding the scooter got hit by the Tipper resulted in death of the parents and serious injury of the child.

  1. Dhobighat Tipper-Bike accident

The collision of the bike and the tipper in busy road of dhobighat resulted in death of the biker rider. The accident took place in 26 may.

  1. Siraha tipper Incident

Two people got hit by the tipper in the siraha, east-west highway. One got killed and one got serious injury. The incident took place in 15 march.



Even if it is late today, the policy sector need to have the view toward this thing. Daily news of the Tipper incident is terrifying the country to hear. Setting the vehicle on fire is not the solution or the permanent solution. A sure cut permanent solution is needed to be implemented as soon as possible. Awareness to all the drivers, pedestrian and people, Stay safe, drive safe, follow the traffic rules.



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